Explorers Go GaGa on Thre3-6ix Radio

Explorers from 1st Purley & Pangbourne took to the airwaves over the weekend of 10-12 May, as part of a unique fundraiser for Project Africa that saw them broadcasting for 36 hours straight.

Thre3-6ix Radio originally aired in 2019, winning a Community Radio Award that year, and was resurrected five years later to support the fundraising efforts of 12 young people visiting Malawi this summer.

The 36-hour show got underway at 11pm on Friday night – against the backdrop of the stunning Northern Lights – but preparations started several weeks earlier with pre-recorded content and training sessions with Scout Radio’s expert team.

30 members of the West Pang Explorer Scout Unit were introduced to the art of radio broadcasting by Nisha and Jack from Scout Radio in an interactive session that started the process of scheduling content for the 36-hour marathon.

From there, a core team of presenters and producers convened to create an eclectic mix of features and interviews, celebrating Scouting, the local community and with a bit of celebrity stardust too!

Explorer Zachary was given the chance to interview Windsor-born 90s hitmaker Chesney Hawkes, via zoom from the musician’s LA home. He was joined by Oscar and Ben for a chat with comedian Josh Widdicombe backstage at the Hexagon theatre in Reading. The trio found themselves in the TV star’s dressing room where they conducted a hilarious interview. Put it this way, Josh does NOT like camping!

Louise, Beanie and Charlotte chatted with local children’s author and BBC broadcaster, Iszi Lawrence, covering a range of topics including pirates, Henry VIII, and black mamba snakes.

Once the show was underway, more guests joined live from the Scout Radio studio, situated outside Pangbourne’s Dolphin Centre. Jack and Anakin from Slough Scouts came in to talk about their international adventures, while Explorer Frankie talked about his DJ passion – even creating two exclusive mixes for Thre3-6ix Radio.

On Saturday, Reading Rockets, Purley Cricket Club and F1 esports driver Brendon Leigh all popped in, ahead of a special chat in the early evening with UK Chief Volunteer Carl Hankinson.

Sunday’s finale was heralded with an appearance from Theale resident, singer and broadcaster Danyl Johnson who brought much needed energy to the final hours. The Explorers signed off with Queen’s Radio Gaga and a spirited rendition of Eat, Sleep, Scout, Repeat. For some, however, there was very little sleep over a fun-filled weekend.

Alongside the radio show, the entire 1st P&P community joined forces for a race night, disco evening, and festivities on Pangbourne Meadow that encapsulated a united spirit from both villages and the surroundings.

While the primary function for the radio show was as a fundraiser for Project Africa, the real value from this activity was the communications skills developed by the Explorers, as they gained in confidence throughout the weekend. They would still be broadcasting now, if they’d been allowed. And there would be a load of adults still happily and proudly listening too.

In the words of one parent: “A whole fabulous team of leaders and helpers change lives every week, in ways you will mostly never know. But this weekend, for sure that impact oozed from every corner of the field.”

For more information, please visit www.36radio.co.uk or GoFundMe: www.gofundme.com/f/threesixradio2024

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