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Since the beginning of 2020, technologies such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have entered the public arena as schools and workplaces needed tools to allow the continuance of working, but from home. Wokingham District Scouts wants to take advantage of those technological advancements, and build on an idea that some rural areas, like Derbyshire CyberScouts, have been using for some years.

We are looking to open a virtual Scout Group partly in response to Covid-19, but more in response to the sheer size of the list of young people waiting to join Scouting in Wokingham District.

To that end, in Early 2021 we’ll be opening our first Beaver Colony and our first Cub Pack, each for 15 young people. The reason it’s 15, and not up to 24, is that the Covid Guidance from the National Youth Agency as applied by The Scouts varies as we navigate our way through the pandemic, and the evolving responses.

So for the foreseeable future, the new Group will meet online, and encourage outdoor Parent-led activities, such as Parks Trust walking routes or art trails, to supplement the online programme. Parents, Cubs and Beavers will be encouraged to share their adventures using Online Scout Manager and Teams, from Microsoft.

As the guidance changes to more face-to-face, but still covid-secure activities, then our programme will evolve with more in person Scouting around the District using available venues, and locations, using the blended approach of online, parent-led and in-person Scouting.

Until  we are ready please see some activities to try now at home and over Christmas and if your already a member of a Group show the activity to your leader.

Beaver International Activity Badge

At Scouts, we are proud of our international identity, so let’s celebrate and

learn more about our world.

How to earn your badge:
  1. Learn a song, play a game or perform a dance from another country.

  2. Find out about Beaver Scouts, or younger Scouts if they don’t have Beaver Scouts, in another country.

    What do they call themselves? What’s their uniform like? And what do they say for their Promise? Find out as much as you can.

  3. Play a game to match flags and their countries.

    Use facts about the countries to help you find the right flag.

  4. Try different kinds of food from another country.

    Vote for your favourite dish and explain why.

  5. Learn how to say hello and goodbye in a language other than your own.

Cubs Cyclist Activity Badge

With the wind in your hair and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself

in any direction you choose. Helmets at the ready!

How to earn your badge:
  1. Regularly use a bicycle, which is the right size for you, with a cycle helmet.

  2. Show you can clean and oil a bicycle. Show how to pump up the tyres and mend a puncture.

  3. Explain why you must lock up a bicycle when you leave it unattended.

  4. Make a poster to promote road safety to pedestrians or cyclists.

  5. Talk to your leader or other Cubs about the safety measures you need to take when you cycle in bad weather.

  6. Choose one of these two options:

    Finish all the tasks for the option you choose.

    1. Road safety
      • Show that you can mount and dismount your bike properly.
      • Show how to keep your bicycle in a roadworthy condition. Why is it important?
      • Explain why it’s important to use lights and reflective clothing.
      • Go for a short ride in a safe place to show an adult that you can ride safely and confidently.
    2. Off-road safety
      • Find out about the safety equipment you need for cycling off-road.
      • Show that you’re able to control your bike over different types of terrain.
      • Find out where, in your local area, is safe to cycle off-road.
      • Plan and carry out a five-mile cycle ride off-road.
Scout Chef Activity Badge

Plan and produce a tasty menu for your Scout troop after they come back

after a long day of activities.

How to earn your badge:
  1. Plan a menu for a weekend event for between four and six people.

    Include the quantities you’ll need and any dietary needs of the group for cultural, religious or medical reasons.

  2. Show how and where to shop for the food and the best way to transport it.

  3. Show how to store food properly, hygienically and in ways that prevent food poisoning.

    Explain what you might need to consider if you’re using an indoor kitchen or a camp kitchen.

  4. Cook and serve at least one of the meals from your menu.

    The meal must be at least two courses and can be prepared on an open fire on camp or in a kitchen.

  5. Demonstrate the best way to clear up afterwards.

    Clearing up should include washing up utensils, pots and pans, disposing of rubbish and leftover food in a way that prevents vermin or disease.

Virtual Winter Camp 2021
We have over 120 activities for you to create your very own Wintercamp experience from the comfort of your
own home!
Work your way through our 5 activity zones: –
• Active
• Skill
• Arts & Crafts
• Sustainable Development Goals
• Science & Nature
What’s more, all our activities are linked to the
Scout & Explorer Programmes so you can work towards badges & top awards whilst having fun!
Scouting Minecraft Server (PC based access only)

Within the Distrct a Group has set up a Scouting Minecraft Server for members of Wokingham District Scouts.

It operates between 3-9pm every Saturday and Sunday. This is due to it only being manned by a small number of Leaders, with some more help we may be able to have it on more during the weekdays.

If your interested please click below and complete the registration and await email access.

Why Not Join Our Team !

Leadership Roles

We are always looking for adults to join the other volunteers across the District Supporting our Young People. Here are a list of our current openings

Activity / One off Roles

At this point in time we have no "one off" roles, but are always looking for adults with activity related skills. Please use the Contact Us form above to offer your help.