Try more. See more. Do more. At Explorers, you’ll stand on your own two feet, and make memories to last a lifetime

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Being an Explorer

When you join Explorers, you’ll be introduced to lots of new activities, people and things


Activities and what you”ll get up to

With the support,direction and guidance of Unit leaders, you’ll be encoouraged to lead yourselves, desgin your own programme and work towards the top awards that Scouting offers. With exciting prospects like being part of camps and expeditions both home and abroad; adventurous activities such as mountaineering, parascending and off shore sailing; Explorers offers fun and adventure for all.


Explorers start small but think big, always challenging themselves to do more and be more. It all starts with an award.

Whats been happening:

95,22 and 8 !

Confused…. 95 Young people and 22 Adults from 8 District Groups and sections have spent the last week at a District Camp in Belgium. The

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Wokingham's Explorer Units:

Eagles ESU:

Eagles Explorer Scout Unit  meets on a Tuesday evening in Woosehill. Anyone is welcome to join between the ages 14-18, and it doesn’t matter whether you have previous Scouting experience or none at all. We are a very inclusive group and offer a wide range of activities, skills and experiences for young people to get involved with.

Our weekly programme is run by the explorers, to ensure they are doing what they want. The young people are split into groups and each one runs 2-3 evenings a term, with leader approval and guidance. The leaders encourage our explorers to think broadly and incorporate skills that they could only learn through scouting, e.g. bushcraft, orienteering, drop hikes etc and, to take advantage of knowledge and experiences their leaders can offer e.g. first aid, critical thinking, team building etc.

We do flag break at the beginning and end of each meeting, and then the evenings activity will start. We expect respectful and considerate behaviour from everyone, leaders included and our explorers know to listen and take note of instructions and safety briefings. As the young people are nearing becoming adults, we can offer more adventurous and potentially more hazardous activities, for example knife and axe skills, fire building and external things like shooting and wild camping.

If your thinking of joining explorers but unsure which unit is best suited, you can always ask to come along to a taster session and our leadership team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Pheonix ESU:

Pheonix Explorer Scout Unit meeting on a Monday evening in Finchampsead.

Run in a similar way to Eagles with the Young people planning and running the majority of the programme.

Red Kites ESU:

Red Kites Explorer Unit which meet at 3rd Wokingham Scout Hut in Norrey’s Avenue on Wednesdays during term time.

We encourage you to set your own programme and activities, guided by your leaders.  From developing old scouting skills to learning new ones, whether it is canoeing, climbing, hiking, fundraising or baking, whatever interests you at Red Kites we will help you give it a go. 


Wokingham Young Leaders Unit:

The Explorer Scout Young Leaders’ scheme is an opportunity for young people to volunteer alongside adult leaders in a Beaver colony, Cub pack or Scout troop playing an active part in the planning and running of the section.  It is available to all Explorer Scouts as well as those doing their Duke of Edinburgh or Queen’s Guide Awards.  As a Young Leader, you can also take part in other scouting activities with the Explorers such as camps and fundraising events.

When do we meet?   First Thursday of the month

Where?                        Normally are held at 3rd Wokingham Scout Hut, Norrey’s Avenue, RG40 1TA

What time?                  8-9.15pm

What does the Young Leader scheme involve?

To be a Young Leader you must complete Module A which provides you with all the basic information you need to be a Young Leader such as what is your role, safeguarding and risk assessments.  Once you have completed module A you will receive a badge and woggle.

There are a further 10 training modules that can be completed and these are covered in our monthly training sessions and provide you with all the tools to be effective Young Leaders which focus on key aspects of working with young people and provide valuable skills for life.  Topics covered include how to confidently run games and activities, different types of leadership, how to create a positive and inclusive environment, first aid and how to talk about the skills being gained through the scheme. 

To help you put these skills into practice, you can also undertake the four missions.  When you complete a mission, you will receive a mission badge which goes around the outside of your module A badge.

If you complete all the training modules and missions, you will be awarded the ESYL belt buckle.

More information about the modules and missions can be found here

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